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Parent Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying

I originally reached out to Cindy for help with our family dynamics, which led to on-going work with my 16-year-old with respect to self-awareness and empathy.

Cindy is a great sounding board and an empathetic and compassionate ear. As a fellow mother, she identifies easily with many of the issues that we are having at home and our struggles with technology. I think just having someone that can so easily access what we are going through and be able to be a participatory listener and advisor have been the biggest benefits and will continue to be.

In addition, I think my son feels he has a neutral and safe place to talk about things with an adult that is not either me or his father. I think he feels that he also has in her an advocate for his feelings and needs.

Thirdly, he learned some hard lessons while in crisis last summer, which Cindy has been able to draw on and continues to reinforce. As a result, there is less fear to approach these very sensitive topics and we all have a better understanding of our respective roles and boundaries.

However, there is always more work to do.

JENNY F. ~ Parent, NYC

We have a 21-year-old who has been struggling with 'failure to launch' syndrome. He failed out of college after freshman year and has been floundering ever since. He has been struggling with strong emotions of anger, hurt and frustration that have undermined his self-confidence and sense of being able to affect positive change in his life. On top of this, he has sought solace in video games and has become addicted to gaming much to the detriment of his physical and mental well-being.


The work we did with Cindy was comprehensive and eventually, she uncovered the underlying blocks and unconscious conflicts that are holding our son back. To her credit, she acknowledged some of these deep emotional issues are better suited for a mental health professional.  I believe that realization to be the biggest benefit from our work together.


I think the biggest improvement in our family's life has been our son's willingness to reintegrate into the family. He's much more helpful around the house, more mature and more responsible than in the past. He's even started cooking and helping out on his own. 


I think Cindy helped him realize that blaming his parents for his struggles was ultimately a dead end and he's much more open and willing to participate in family activities. 


Finally, Cindy helped my husband and I see our parenting styles more clearly and she helped us recalibrate our faith in ourselves as parents. She was able to gently help us realize when we weren't serving our son as well as we would like and through that realization, we were able to make some important changes to our parenting style.

BECKY L. ~ Parent, NYC

Becky ~ Parent

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