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Cindy Thackston
Youth and Family Success Coach

Compassionate. Experienced. Certified.


Today, my life is completely transformed and my relationships with my children, husband, family, and friends are thriving.  I'm so grateful, but it wasn't always this great.  Like most people, I had my challenges navigating through school, career, marriage & motherhood.

After having three kids in three years, and not a lot of options for cost-effective childcare, my husband and I decided that it made sense for me to "retire" from my 18-year career in corporate finance to stay home and raise our children.



I struggled with the transition to stay-at-home Mom but pushed through by focusing on the joy and well-being of my children. It wasn't until they started elementary school that my path to today started. I watched, as cliques formed and children teased and excluded one another, positioning themselves to be "popular".  They were going through "BFFs" as fast as they went through shoes!  Stories of drama, broken hearts and ended friendships from children and fellow parents filled my ears.


Suddenly my own childhood came rushing back to me. 

  • Leaving friends each time my parents moved for a fresh start. 

  • Being excluded and teased as the new, shy girl in class. 

  • Failing at school because I was too stressed and distracted to learn. 

  • Getting involved with the wrong crowd just to feel included. 


Apparently, I had suppressed a lot of unresolved pain and suffering from my childhood experiences!  And I wasn't even dealing with the competitive academic pressures, social media, cyber-bullying, technology addiction/distraction, and the immense stress and pressure from my parents around all of these things!


A sense of urgency came over me as my compassion was unleashed. I was determined to help my children and others in their generation find ways to rise above all of this drama and focus on their inner compass to reach their own personal success.



My journey started simply by researching childhood behaviors, such as bullying and cliques, then educating myself with ways to handle them. I knew I was going to find a way to protect the "quiet" kids, the "different" kids, the kids without friends. I was going to help them find themselves and their future friends. I just wasn't exactly sure how...


Soon thereafter, I made plans to reconnect with an old friend from my former career by attending her party.  As I introduced myself around the room I found myself engaged in a powerful conversation with a stranger about my desire and passion to help kids thrive. That stranger was the connection to my purpose.   The next day, without hesitation, I was registered to begin my certification in transformational life coaching.  


For the next year, I learned more about myself than I had ever imagined.  The possibilities of how I could use these skills were mind-blowing. To think, I had never even heard of such coaching before that night!


The craziest part is that I took this path to learn how to protect children from being victims of the hurt that I endured, by preventing it.  Instead, I discovered I never had to be the victim, I had the power inside of me to change it all along, I just didn't know it.

  • What kind of life would I have lived if I had known this then?

  • Whom would I have become if I had confidence from my teenage years?

  • What friendships could I have formed if I had focused on the right people?


I had been transformed and my passion awakened in the process. I thought, even though I can't go back in time, I can pass this power down to my children and so many others so that they could be in charge of their happiness and success from the beginning. I knew then that my life's path was no coincidence because it led me to my purpose.


Furthermore, as I began to work with teens I quickly realized it wasn't possible to "fix" them for their parents. The parents needed the knowledge and skills that I had to parent this generation in a new way, one that would satisfy their modern needs.  My unique 360-Degree Family Coaching program was born.



My coaching practice and expertise continue to grow and evolve as I support my own children and my clients' families. My heart-centered, compassionate approach allows me to build a trusting connection that fosters openness at a different level, where their truth comes out. From there we work together to find and implement personal solutions.


My custom programs provide real strategies and tools to help teens and parents communicate and collaborate to successfully conquer today's tough challenges. As a bonus, they come out happy, stronger, and more connected than before; able to celebrate life to its fullest potential. 



There is a desperate need to repair human connection at home, within the family unit! 


Not only is the rapid advancement of modern technology taking a toll on our youth's emotional development and social experiences with peers, but it is also driving a major wedge between parents and children at home.


Parents are coming to me because they are watching their children struggle with social and emotional challenges out in the world but they feel so disconnected from them and insecure with the issues they don't know how to effectively support them. 


As innovative tech-giants continue to entice and enamor us with lightening-fast advancements in technology, which is changing the way humans think, feel, and behave, parents have to focus on the one thing they can foster; a loving, human connection.

This is why I have made the decsion to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping parents raise successful AND happy children by creating a loving, safe space and an unshakeable human connection at home.

IT STARTS AT HOME... Rate Life a 10!

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