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5 Ways to Cultivate Compassion for Deeper Connections

I believe that women, especially parents, are compassionate by nature. Today, it seems like society is being led away from compassion. We are distracted from our hearts’ nature and drawn into our heads/our egos, by fear, doubt, judgment, and comparisons, leading us to ‘never good enough’. As we allow ourselves to drift further from the heart, we stop practicing compassion and our most cherished relationships start to suffer, depleting our energy and hardening our hearts.


“…We can’t practice compassion with other people if we can’t treat ourselves kindly.” Brene’ Brown


Are you hard on yourself? Have you ever heard the expression of “beating yourself up”? This is one way to know that you are lacking self-compassion. When you are judging yourself and lacking self-compassion you may be less able to give compassion to others, thereby affecting the quality of your relationships - even with your own family. 

My desire is to help you change that so you can enjoy the most beautiful relationships and spread your love through compassion.



Compassion is LOVE in action!

Living compassionately invokes a cycle of

endless benefits:

Self-Compassion > Compassion for others > Deeper, more fulfilling relationships > Improved mental health, happiness, and overall wellbeing > Improved physical health > A contagious ripple effect that positively impacts many.

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About Cindy

Certified Professional Coach

Cindy Thackston is a compassionate, certified success coach and founder of Rate Life a 10!, LLC, a personal coaching company that works with families to help strengthen family relationships and empower teens to disconnect from distraction and reconnect with their true potential.


Her primary clients are teens and young adults who want more for themselves, but are stuck and struggling to make progress in this fast-paced, highly-competitive, digital world.  She sees that as social media has taken precedence, many of today’s youth are lacking the confidence and “real” social and interpersonal skills it takes to make meaningful, human connections, which are still necessary to succeed in every area of life.  As a result, many are experiencing identity and insignificance crises, which can lead to anxiety and depression.  


Cindy's unique coaching programs provide a way to be proactive with the mental and emotional resilience of today's youth, so they can feel uplifted, confident, and equipped to pursue their most cherished personal, academic, and professional dreams.



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Cindy Thackston

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